"Chiar dacă totul ar fi vulgar, lumina zorilor nu poate fi. Ar trebui s-o privim zilnic ca să redevenim puri..." Emil Cioran

luni, 22 noiembrie 2010

"O iubire adevărată înseamnă să nu poţi gândi contrariul ei."

because there are these few moments, after everyone has left and you are all alone that you start discovering things by exploring your inner depths...one of the most difficult facts to admit is that you are not strong enough not to care about anyone , not to let everything go, not to love anyone. Indeed, solitude helps you get closer to yourself ,but if there`s no one there too, you`ll become just a runabout sailer 'cause being alone in a room is bearable, being lonsome inside your soul hurts ... there`s no place to hide from your thoughts and feelings,sooner or later they will start throbbing into you. First, you are sure you can handle the pain, then you realise you don't know this pain because you have never felt it before, you continue by saying that it has a cure and you are strong enough to get over with it and in the end it is like that : whether you accept it and learn to live with it, or you let it wear you out. Definitely, it is not your case as you do not stumble upon anything and you cannot accept to fall, you gradually become able to send people away of your life with the recklessness of a director who is chosing the actors for his play... and this is correct because there is no room on your stage for others. Suddenly, your pain becomes your strength and you easily get rid of all the impediments, of every possible restraint, of every cause of harm and you are all by yourself, free to follow your way. Your way may be the way of a winner, but the winner is always alone...here is the point when you have to decide what you lose when you win and what you win when you lose.
You do not want to feel touched, because you know how hard your skin was burnt, yet you have always liked to be caressed by the flames...

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  1. cuvintele tale mangaie,imblanzesc,deschid

  2. u chiar esti o poeta...o maestra a cuvintelor...mi-e greu sa-mi imaginez o persoana mai talentata in prezent...de ce nu incerci sa iesi la lumina?cuvintele tale ma misca, ma fac sa zambesc

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