"Chiar dacă totul ar fi vulgar, lumina zorilor nu poate fi. Ar trebui s-o privim zilnic ca să redevenim puri..." Emil Cioran

joi, 18 noiembrie 2010


it`s not what people say,it`s what they do...
trying to pull you out from inside was a mistake I promised myself not to do  again. Wasting energy on forgetting you seemed like a perfect excuse toremain in touch with my dead memories...my neverlasting happiness...
I tried to build castles,not even one lasted...maybe I have to ask myself if there were any castles at all...what if all I imagined was only a big mound of dust confused with the sand...and the sea replaced by all the tears I chocked back. And meanwhile I forgot...I forgot I am supposed to stay strong, to not go wrong, to ignore the cold wind is blowing me up , to swallow the rain that`s falling over me... how to destroy all those walls I put between love and anger?

yes,it was my fault
but I blame you for being this way.

there is so much when you say there`s no more.

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