"Chiar dacă totul ar fi vulgar, lumina zorilor nu poate fi. Ar trebui s-o privim zilnic ca să redevenim puri..." Emil Cioran

luni, 7 noiembrie 2011


no remorse is being shown on the screen and strong walls are yet to fall until the strike is over. deliberately, these wan shadows of light are releasing the deepest traces of sorrow I've ever surrendered to follow.

it's not worth winning over someone else, other than you. it's not worth losing when fighting against someone who cannot be you. and those little pieces which unfold my memories are the scattered leaps of faith I had in my heart. I've let the only important battle to be the victory of my pride, not of my love and my choice moulded me into the shape I am now.

my silent wounds continue to turn asunder the state I'be been building out of my mind. My inner mutiny is unhealed and incessantly dismantling my certainties. Out of muteness, I've done nothing but a challenge of how well I can hide the pain , not a virtue of strength.

more comfortable to see myself enduring an absence linked with the sweet distaste of the errors I've made than having to deal with the ocurrance of faultlessness. I am the only one responsible for depriving myself of happiness and everything derived from it...

living in denial- this is my pursuit of nothingness.

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  1. my only one, I'd cry you a river to prevent you from drowning. you should have a cup of tea at 5:55 pm, now you become a veritable ENglish gentle-woman