"Chiar dacă totul ar fi vulgar, lumina zorilor nu poate fi. Ar trebui s-o privim zilnic ca să redevenim puri..." Emil Cioran

joi, 22 septembrie 2011

hopefully not the last

I can't be anything less. Not anymore...

There are no limits between my myriad of alter egoes...just fine cuts to make them break strings easily...
nowbody's home, but someone's restless nights.

no mornings left to sleep beneath my soul . I used to like myself hanging by the thread of your thoughts, but now it's too late in Neverland to start looking for danger... I take no credit to myself for trying to escape.

blundering around in this reckless conviction of mine. there are no turns,no ups, no downs... first you slide, then you keep on doing the same. regrets? When something couldn't be lived, it was played... unfortunately, I played a lot even when I could have lived.

I blame myself for all the autumns I have gathered into my dark shadows of doubt.
There's no point in trying to remember how I was...I spend my time being who I've become.

it is all about making attempts... and notes to yourself. There is no one who is tracking your life more than you do, there is no one who runs faster after you than your inner self... you're no one's glory, you are your own pursuit of happiness...

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